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(no subject) [Dec. 5th, 2005|12:33 am]
In 7 hrs time, I have to wake up and head for school. Then I'll lug a locker-full of study material to Von's house to get my hair done. For an event that is to happen 10 hrs after I get my hair done. *grins wryly* This kinda stuff never happens to normal people, does it?

Had great fun with the preparations for grad night, even the encounter with the weird salesperson who kept harping on skincare *shudders* She did mean well though ^^;; Thanks Tiss, Von and Szeto(who won't be reading this) for helping out with the shopping and make up stuff!! Had a really great time!!

AND!! Graduation Night tomorrow(later)!! I'm quite sure that I'll have a great deal of fun even with my weird costume ^___^ And I'll take lotsa pictures and enjoy myself to the fullest!!! I'll upload the pictures and post up the link so you guys will know just how weird my costume is ^^;;

Hai!! Need to get to bed. Am supposed to wake up in 6 hrs++ *groans*
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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2005|06:19 pm]
Hey guys!!! I'm finally posting again!!! ^__________________^

A's are almost over, there are only two papers left.. And they're supposedly the papers I'm most prepared for ^^;; I guess we'll see...

And since I've completely screwed up all my other papers, I guess my chances of getting into ANY university is close to nil T_T

I wonder if I did the right thing moving into the house in Kallang. Then I wonder what would have happened if I have just stayed home. Would the exam stress have forced me to study? Or would I have slacked even more? I guess I'll never know...

Some of you guys might be wondering about the house in Kallang. I moved there about two weeks ago for intensive studying without distractions.. Never did I predict the impact of television and Ying Tong. Not that I'm being very fair to either, since I'm the one who gets so easily distracted.. I'm such a failure sometimes...

And right now, I'm feeling so moody and angsty that I feel like killing myself. You know the feeling of deflation that occurs after exams? The way all anticipation just suddenly rushes out of you like hot air out of a hot air balloon? Imagine the hot air balloon bursting..

All the excitement and anticipation for the end of the exams seems to be rushing out of me. All my plans seem to be falling flat. And the worse thing is, my exams are not even over yet. >_<

I suddenly feel kinda lost, not knowing what the future holds for me. I suddenly want to just find a job right after my last lit paper, so I don't have to find things to do to fill up my time with.

And of all the weird things that happened, the weirdest should be my dreams about Nick and my thoughts of Bear. Wonder what brought them along? Maybe it was the screwing up of my pc paper, my feeling of utter defeat. I know others think there's still hope, but at that moment, I really felt like just jumping off a building. Of course, I wouldn't actually DO that. Since I still want to enjoy my rights for fun after "working hard" for As. And I wouldn't want to go to hell either.. Though I feel this niggling sense of doom that I'm going there no matter how I die..

And when all those weird thoughts surfaced, I suddenly remembered bear. ^^;; I do miss him, and the times when we were really good friends.. I miss talking to him on the phone and getting to confide my worries to someone who's not involved, because they normally see the most.

But seriously, I have no idea how Nick got involved in my dream starring my lit exams and Ahs. ^^;; There is something seriously wrong with my brain here.. And guess what? I was really glad to see him there. In my dream that is. He reminded me of my younger, more innocent days. No worries about studying or homework, just lots of fun at the playground.. I sometimes wonder how he's doing ^_^

Well, I guess that's enough of rambling? I do owe an apology to those whose flist I'm filling with meaningless nothings.. ^^;; Gomen, but I needed to spew for awhile..

And lastly, I wanna thank Ying Tong. And apologise too. Sorry my horrible temper and even worse moods. I have no idea how you put up with me. And thanks for acually managing to put up with me, and for cooking me such delicious home-cooked food almost every night. I've not been fed so well for years, might explain why I'm getting fat >_<

Hai!! That's about all. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!

----------> off to the house in kallang.
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2005|08:37 pm]
I have decided to become an air stewardess.(this is really not the main point ^^;;)

After my As and perhaps after university. If I can get into NUS anyway. And to actually get into NUS, I really REALLY need to STUDY!!! *bangs head against wall*

I'm hopeless at controlling myself. I cannot stay at home and not touch the computer. As proven from this post ^^;; BUT!! This has GOT TO CHANGE!!!

I've decided to stay away from home everyday. Every Day. I'll probably stay at White Sands Mac and study till late before going home. It was (kinda) effective for prelims... HAI!!! And so, you guys probably won't see me online anymore. And if you do, please nag at me till I log off. Arigatou!!

And von, please STOP tempting me!! (although I also keep waving gorgeous fics under your nose^^:;)

And tiss, please kick me into the wall if I continue to slack. Or hit me on the head. And don't let me fangirl(overly much) in school. Arigatou!!

Others, wish me luck!! ^_____^

[ and sorry for this rambly post >_< my language is dying by the hour T_T ]
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2005|01:28 am]
[Current Mood |sicksick]

Prelims results are mostly back, I can't say they were unexpected because I knew I wasn't prepared enough. But I never though I would get 2/25 for my econs essay. T_T

Its been a week since the prelims have ended, I really ought to start studying for my As. And I was really prepared to go all out studying, but now I'm down with a random illness that causes random coughing and sneezing fits. Now my whole body aches from coughing too hard. *whines for awhile more*

Am going to the doctor if I'm not well by tomorrow. I normally run away from doctors, but I have to get well to study. Right now, my brain just does not want to work... (and my throat rattles)

Am going to start studying though, and I'm going to reduce my internet and manga/anime time. Just two more months to go!! I shall strive... (and hopefully stick to my studying schedule...)

My brain feels fuzzy and this post looks weird. Shall go back to sleep. And if I don't wake up tomorrow, my kohri goes to von. Oyasumi...
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2005|10:32 am]
I'm back!! And bouncing off the walls because I'm currently downloading Love Mode. The Love Mode that has been stuck at volume 8 and which has been driving me absolutely NUTS trying to find out what happened. Some kind and generous soul has kindly and generously posted it up on love mode scans 9-11. I LOVE HER. *dies from absolute happiness*

And!! The reason why I'm updating after weeks of ignoring the computer.

1) PRELIMS ARE OVER!!!!! *grins maniacally*
2) My dad has a very weird sense of humor.

Now all of you may understand reason 1. But I doubt any of you will get reason 2. (other than von since I just blabbed it to her over the phone^_^)

My (virtual)mouse got eaten by an (imaginary)cat a few weeks ago. And my dad decided only to get a new mouse after my As. Nothing wrong with that other than the fact that it makes Using the computer so much more difficult. Needless to say, I became extremely proficient with using the keyboard after a few Weeks.(cause I'm such a computer moron) >_<

Today, I announced that I needed a mouse because my mail has been unchecked for weeks and has reached the 100+ mark. My dad Happily opens the drawer next to the computer and brandishes a CORDLESS mouse. And Proudly announces that it is ready for use and to keep it a secret from my brother please. *stabs him* (my dad, not my brother. He's a victim as well, for once.. )

And thus, it is only now that I updated. And after sunday, I'm going to disappear from lj once more, for a month and a half or so. So, here's to all the people I know who are having exams... Ganbatte for your exams!! Work hard and don't act like me!!!

Ps. Bernie!! I bought Wild Adaptor!!! Its so pretty and fluffy!!! *fangirls*
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(no subject) [Aug. 21st, 2005|10:39 am]
My time for real studying has come, marked by the end of Natsu Matsuri 05. Well, We had a great time this year although we should have started dancing sooner!! Anyway, here are the pictures!! Ano.. Just go to costumes ne? And ignore the other albums, unless you were involved :p

(go to the crack album though!! My testimonial amuses me everytime I see it!!)

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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2005|03:55 pm]
random quiz from bernie's lj ^^

Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||||||| 60%
Stability |||||| 30%
Orderliness |||||||||| 33%
Altruism |||||| 30%
Interdependence |||||||||||||||| 70%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 43%
Mystical |||||||||||| 43%
Artistic |||||||||||| 43%
Religious |||||| 30%
Hedonism |||| 16%
Materialism |||||| 30%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%
Work ethic |||||| 23%
Self absorbed |||||| 30%
Conflict seeking |||||| 30%
Need to dominate |||||||||||| 43%
Romantic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Avoidant |||||| 30%
Anti-authority |||||| 30%
Wealth |||||| 30%
Dependency |||||||||||||||| 70%
Change averse |||||||||||||| 56%
Cautiousness |||||||||||| 43%
Individuality |||||||||||| 43%
Sexuality |||||||||||| 50%
Peter pan complex |||||||||||||| 56%
Physical security |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Physical Fitness |||||||||||||| 57%
Histrionic |||||| 30%
Paranoia |||||| 30%
Vanity |||||||||||||| 56%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||||| 76%
Female cliche |||||||||||| 43%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

And unfortunately, this is is very accurate. Now you all know what a horrible person I am =P
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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2005|04:19 pm]
Who is Your Tenipuri Family? by CrazeIzumi
YouShishido Ryou
GrandfatherKajimoto Yoshihisa
GrandmotherTezuka Kunimitsu
FatherKikumaru Eiji
MotherJackal Kuwahara
Elder BrotherKirihara Akaya
Elder SisterKaido Kaoru
Younger SisterMomoshiro Takeshi
Younger BrotherAmane'David'Hikaru
BoyfriendTanaka Kouhei
PetKirihara Akaya
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I'm Shishido. Kirihara is both my brother and my pet. There is something very wrong about Eiji topping Jackal. Kaidoh and Momo are sisters. I want Ohtori as my boyfriend!! *kicks kouhei back to his actual seme* AND VON!! (this is your fault I'm posting so soon after my last entry =P)
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2005|09:55 pm]
I am recently suddenly very motivated to study. It may be due to the fact that prelims are in a month's time. It may also be due to the fact that my dad promised me a manga for every 20 hours of studying I accomplish. I'm leaning more towards the latter. ^_^

amsdia asked me sweetly if that meant I would get 1 brand new manga by the end of my A levels. And wouldn't that be so nice? *attempts to chew her arm off* I replied equally sweetly that no, I actually planned to get 10 manga by the end of prelims.

I'm starting to wonder if I can actually do it. 10 manga = 200 hrs of studying

Can I actually survive 200 hrs of studying in a month's time? Do I even HAVE 200 hrs to study? *attempts to mentally calculate how many hours there are in a month* *fails because I SUCK at math, mental or otherwise* *whips out a calculator*

Hmmmmm.... I will barely have enough time to eat, sleep, read manga, read fanfics, watch anime, fangirling, update my lj, go to school, go for classes, ... list goes on...

Now, if I cut out some fangirling, some reading of manga, reading of fanfics, watching of anime, fangirling, updating of lj, and stuff, I MAY just Barely make it. Hmmmm....

Well, won't hurt to try!! And I need all the time I can get to study anyway, I finish one econs essay in the time others finish three. *bonks head on wall*

And I need help from a few friends as well..

1) blackbloodrunya : VON!!! Stop Making Me Fangirl!!!

(I'm sure I'm being very unfair to the poor girl because I'M the one who actually starts most of our fangirling) Or we just start each other up.(which sounds very wrong btw..) We always manage to take one look at each other and burst into insane giggles of fangirling without speech. The topic will either be: Eyeshield21!!*cue von shrieking* One Piece!!*cue me shrieking* Bleach!! *cue the both of us bursting out into insane fangirl laughter* Or other anime/manga like Tenipuri, Naruto ... *wibbles at wobble* *cue von fainting*

Anyway!! Yes. I need to start studying for my manga. (I'm sure nobody on earth has had this sort of bet before, who has ever heard of studying for manga??!!)*ahem* Yes, anyway, cut down on our fangirling ne? Until after our As anyway, just.. a few more months.. Let's ganbatte together ne?? (Although I wouldn't mind the occasional fangirling, I would go ABSOLUTELYFREAKINGNUTS if I was to go without fangirling for months.

2) amsdia : TISS!! I AM YOUR SLAVE!!!

Sounds wrong no? I meant, PLEASE CONTROL ME!! (ok, that sounded wrong-er^_^)Haha, But I know you'll get what I mean. Please prevent me from excessive fangirling!! (an occasional blushing!smoker is perfectly fine of course^^) Or maybe I should just ask you to Continue to prevent me from excessive fangirling. And STOP trying to TEMPT ME INTO SHAMAN KING!!! (you should know my lack of control^^;;) [I'll get into it After the As and go googoogaagaa with you over haoyoh ne?] {And of course you'll get into One Piece and go googoogaagaa with me over Zosan? Ok, maybe Zoluffy :p} But that's all for After As. As you'll kindly remind me when I get too excited over One Piece when I'm supposed to be studying.

3) All my msn friends who happen to read this post. Because ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! (yes, I'm feeling sleepy, [shut up tiss!] you could tell?) ^_^ Anyway, please stop me from getting online to chat with random people because, yes. I am supposed to start studying now. (After 1 1/2 years of stoning and day dreaming my life away..) [What geog student does not know what stream order means??](and yes, I know stream order does not just mean order of the stream)

~cue in for one minute of unbridled fangirling~
WAIIIII!!!! ONE PIECE!!!! LUVLUVLUVLUVLUV!!! <3<3<3<3<3 BLUSHING!SMOKER. *dies* *revives to grin crazily* *attempts to chew somthing* (I AM NOT A LEECH!!) *faints in absolute bliss thinking of Zosan* ........
~end of fangirling~ ( The ATTEMPTED end of fangirling )

Hai. I shall log off now. And not log on to look for zosan fics. BUT!! ZOSAN!! SUCH LOVE!!! AND BLUSHING SMOKER!!! *dies*

Hai. I apologise for flooding my flists. See you guys in a few months time. Unless something interesting happens again which requires my urgent update of lj.

(oh and btw, happy national day!! I spent it sleeping cause I was SICK. The horror.{of not being able to watch the fireworks, not of being sick on national day} :p)

Lastly! (I promise its the last!!) For anyone looking for good ZoSan fics!! Go to scuttlebutt_inc I WORSHIP THE FICS THERE. SUCH LOVE!! *dies frothing at the mouth from kicks from flist and fangirling*
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(no subject) [Jul. 22nd, 2005|10:24 pm]
NarutoFever.com Naruto Love Compatibility Test

I DO love mysterious genders ^_^
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